Requestor 4.7 | Updates and Revisions of the Current Version

30 března 2020 • Requestor Technologies

We are still working on updates and revisions in the current version of Requestor. There is a summary of all latest changes we’ve made in the system.


  • We’ve optimized the performace of inserted pictures in the request
  • API – Change of user name
  • We’ve optimized the Request forward
  • API – Tag support (users, companies, requests)
  • We’ve added a new option to define default cathegory when assigning new request in Portal
  • We’ve set up the preview of subgroup in AD group detail
  • We’ve edited Automatization / Assign an operator. Previously, it was possible only to change the operator (if there was a one), now it is possible to assign an operator when the request is in a queue
  • We’ve added new option to forward saved attachment within an internal comment
  • We’ve set up blocking of sent notification according to domain


  • We’ve fixed wrong preview of Portal in Internet Explorer
  • We’ve fixed user loading from Active Directory
  • Time report is now displaying the correct time range
  • The sum in Work report displays now the correct data
  • We’ve fixed the preview of Projects in Reports
  • We’ve fixed the loading of specific AD Groups
  • History of requests transfer between operators is not displaying wrong information anymore
  • We’ve fixed the wrong Automatization when there was a Portal entry in the condition
  • We’ve fixed the preveiw of Project in Activities when adding new time record
  • We’ve fixed the AD user’s photo loading
  • We’ve updated the Report preview in 2020
  • We’ve fixed the Form preview
  • We’ve deleted sent notifications to non-existent users
  • We’ve fixed the user import from CSV
  • It is now possible to delete an atachment file after the response is sent
  • We’ve fixed the wrong user language when the field for language setup is hide
  • We’ve fixed the auto-delete of old entries from Webhook queue
  • We’ve fixed the incorrect request preview in CTI window (modul Calls)
  • We’ve fixed the exported requests in CSV when the column with SLA is displayed
  • We’ve fixed the ticket Solving without an operator