Requestor 4.13 | New features and improvements

7 June 2021 • Requestor Technologies

We have expanded the Requestor helpdesk with other practical functions. New features include display of delivery time to e-mail box, service request archiving and Gmail OAuth 2.0 support. Discover all the improvement and bug fixes in the current version 4.13.

New features

  • Display of the time of delivery to the e-mail box – The e-mail response in the request now displays the time when the message was delivered to the e-mail box. If the difference between downloading a message to the Requestor and delivering it to the mailbox is greater than 1 hour, the time difference is highlighted.
  • Request archiving by service – Request archiving is now also available for services. Requests can now be archived according to global settings or according to individual settings in the service.
  • Deleting requests – Request archiving has been extended with the ability to delete requests after a specified period of time.
  • Internal portal – The internal portal allows you to redefine access rights. Each portal can have its own defined group of users who have access to it.
  • Gmail OAuth 2.0 – For inbound and outbound communication, it is possible to connect to a Gmail mailbox using the OAuth 2.0 protocol.
  • Chat and Google Analytics – Events that occur in the chat can be sent to Google Analytics. You can use Google Analytics to monitor the behavior of chat visitors.
  • Localization of the service and folder name – The service and folder name can be localized into any language available in the Requestor.


  • Redesigned error logging to files (on-premises version), log files are created every day to a new file.
  • EWS protocol optimization.
  • Automatic setting of user roles in AD groups.
  • Notification Email received leaves priority on Reply-To (if specified).
  • The reply in the ticket goes to Reply-To (if specified).
  • Increase stability and speed of delivery using Requestor SMTP (default SMTP).
  • Translation into PL.
  • Global avatar in chat.
  • Mark requests as unread in case of internal comment.
  • When creating an incoming Gmail / Office365, it is possible to automatically create an outgoing SMTP mailbox.


  • Incorrect display of the default login page.
  • Incorrect display of category name in views.
  • Error creating chat request.
  • Incorrect export of chat history data.
  • Incorrect display of chat history date.
  • Incorrect storage of value in press reports.
  • Incorrect display of chat on mobile phone.
  • Incorrect message forwarding in case of invalid email message.
  • Error moving portal item.
  • Error deleting service.
  • Error creating internal group via API.
  • Incorrect display of chat history when using FB Messenger.
  • Error copying automation, duplicating conditions.
  • Error exporting from report to CSV (wrong categories).
  • Error saving invitees in automation.

We believe that the new features and improvements in version 4.13 will make using the Requestor helpdesk even more enjoyable. If you have any questions or requirements, do not hesitate to contact our technical support.