Requestor 3.7 brings new relations among the individual requests

12 února 2017 • Requestor Technologies

If you had missed in Requestor the possibility to create a tree structure of the requests, i.e. to determine which request is superordinate and which is subordinate, you will find it along with many other new features in the version 3.7.

Relations among the Requests

A new feature allows creating of superordinate / subordinate relations among the individual requests

There is a relation created among the requests, when the superordinate requests can’t be closed, unless its subordinate requests are resolved. The relations among the requests can be displayed as a tree chart.


The innovative module for tasks brings new appearance, folder structure support for easier sorting of tasks, ability to share tasks, enter warnings, set relations to other requests, and many other improvements for working the agenda of tasks

Hiding Quotations

In case of e-mail communication, quoted text is automatically hidden. The quoted text can be viewed by clicking the button. In case of an HTML email, it is no longer necessary to use the ## – ##  separator and it can be removed from the “Email with response” notification.

Optional behaviour of reactivated requirement

In case the request is reactivated, the service enables to determine whether the request should be placed in a queue (according to the workflow settings) or returned to the original solver to solve it.