Requestor 3.3 – Overview of New Functions and Improvements

5 srpna 2016 • Requestor Technologies

Summer update of Requestor brings higher comfort in the field of email communication, and a new Calendar module.

Information about the sender and the recipients in the email communication

If there is an email communication in Requestor (sending / receiving replys), detailed information about the recipients and the sender is displayed in the header of each message inside the communication, in the request detail.


Reply by Email

In the communication inside the request, it is possible to choose whether the recipient receives the inserted reply as a notification (the notification informs about a new reply in the request), or the entire message is sent in the body of the email and the user can immediately respond to it using the email client.


If the reply is sent by Email, it is possible to include any user’s email in the copy (existing addresses are suggested).



In the configuration of the email box that Requestor chooses, it is possible to select IMAP protocol with the support of downloading unread emails only.


Email Rules

Email rules can help you to filter incoming email communication before the email gets transferred to a request in Requestor. Upon meeting the set conditions, the email can be ignored, forwarded, or directly answered. The use is then in particular in the area of unwanted emails (SPAM) prevention, automatic emails informing about user’s absence, etc.



Completely improved calendar in Requestor now allows:

  • Creation of any own calendars
  • Creation of shared calendars
  • Sharing calendars over ical format
  • Attaching requests to events
  • Sending event notifications
  • Categorization of events
  • Colour coding of calendars and events
  • Record keeping and management of unavailability of solvers

calendar1 Calendar2


  • Export to PDF and email with support of images.
  • Improved support of automatically inserted request for priority and company.
  • When a request is entered through the internal Portal, the detail of the request includes selected category / item. The category and the item can be displayed as a column in the requests overview.