Requestor 3.2

23 May 2016 • Requestor Technologies

The May update of the Requestor introduces further improvements of the e-mail communication and Requestor Mobile for iOS.

Email Communication

If you need (from the position of the operator) to approach users via email, e.g. for reasons such as sending maintenance information, business proposals, determination of the status etc., it is possible to use the new Email tab when entering a new request. After selecting the mailbox from which the email is sent, entering the email address (it does not have to exist in Requestor) and the service, the email will be sent and saved as a request. If the user responds to the email, the response is saved as a comment in the request. In case of further communication in the request, the user will receive a response to their email address.

Customer Tags

You can use the Tags designated for the customers for sorting or segmentation of companies and users (VIP, etc.) The tags can be prepared by the administrators, or they can be entered directly by the operators in the Customers module, for the individual users and companies. The Customer tags can be used as a condition in the views.

The Requester Box

In the detail of the request, the requester box is now available to the solvers of the requests. The box contains basic information about the requester (user + company). Use the icon next to the user or the company to display, inside the request, a window with the details of the user or the company and to adjust the entries. Another possibility is to display all requests that the user has entered or which are linked to the given company, without leaving the detail of the request.

Requestor Mobile for iOS

If you are an iPhone phone or iPad tablet user, you can download the Requestor for iOS. The link for its download is here.


  • Support for more phone contacts and individual users
  • Deleting users which are waiting for an approval
  • Optimization of the loading speed of requests