Requestor 3.1

27 April 2016 • Requestor Technologies

One month after the 3.0 version was released, we are introducing new improvements of the Requestor in the form of the 3.1. version.


If you are in the detail of the request, you can easily add your own comments to the request. You can optionally share your notes with other solvers, or you can colour code them.

Inserting a Link to the Request to the Clipboard

In the detail of the request, there is a button available, which will save the link to the request to your clipboard.

Compact View of the Detail of the Request

In the global setting of the application, you can determine whether the editor for the reply will be visible immediately or only upon clicking the button.

Sending the Answer as the Request

If you enter the comment as a solver, you can enter your reply “as the requester” The comment will then be displayed under the requester name of the request.


  • Ordering of the requests according to columns is highlighted. After returning to the list of requirements, the last ordering used is active (saved)
  • In the SLA settings, you can choose whether the SLA state is also visible to the requester of the requests.
  • In bulk events you can use a bulk transfer to the archives
  • In the global settings, you can decide how large set of requests is notified to the user by the system.