Requestor 3.0

25 February 2016 • Requestor Technologies

You will find 15 new functions and 10 improvements of Requestor 3.0.

Automatic Update of the Request Page

The request page updates automatically (no need for manual update), reflecting all changes in the form of new requests and comments in real time. Whenever there is a new request or comment in Requestor, a new information line is displayed and the new requests are highlighted.


The completely reworked Desktop offers intuitive and 100% adaptable environment, which displays, in real time, a clear overview of what is currently happening with the requests. The Desktop enables to display sums from all views on the requests, in a form of a card with customized colour and position. Whenever there is a change of the requests and their statuses in the view, the value is changed correspondingly in real time.

Comments in the Detail of the Request

Anytime there is a change of the comment in an open request (new / change/ removal), the comment is displayed, including the highlight, in real time, without any need for a manual update of the page. This function also prevents collisions in the case when more operators actively write a comment simultaneously.

A New Column in the “Last Activity” Column

The “Last Activity” column, which can newly be added to the overview of requests, displays in real time, how long ago there was an activity in the form of a new comment or a change of the status noted in the request.

Tags for the Request

Tags are a handy tool, which significantly help to sort and group requests with similar issues. Tags can be prepared by administrators or they can be inserted and shared directly by the operators of the requests. Tags can also be used as a condition in views.


Searching within the application was significantly changed. The suggestion in the top right corner can be used not only to search for requests and comments, but also to search for articles in the KB, customers, or documents. The page with the search results is divided into tabs and the sought expressions colour coded. It is now possible to search for the requirement by the number specified in the ID of the request.

Inserting Content or Link from the Knowledge Base to the Request

It is possible to insert a link to an article or the entire content of an article, located in the knowledge database, directly from the editor for inserting comments.


The module has been divided to Companies (formerly customers) and Users. In the detail of the company it is possible to add company logo, add new users, and display all requests that have been entered by the users who belong to the company. The Users tab shows all external users with the possibility to directly add new users. In the detail of the user, it is possible to get a list of all the requests that the user has entered.

New Types of Notifications

  • Information on closing the request (for email communication)
  • Notification about new approving
  • New account
  • Start of solving

Improved Entering of a New Request

Improved ergonomics of entering, possibility to close the request immediately after entering.

Desktop Sticky Notes

It is possible to place a Sticky Notes anywhere on your desktop and to write any text into it. For clarity reasons, you can mark each note by a different colour.

HTML Notifications

All notifications in Requestor can be sent in the HTML form

Task Templates

In the administration of the Requestor, it is possible to define tasks (task templates), which are automatically created, if the conditions defined at the time of the request are met.

Organization of the Company

In the administration of the Requestor, it is possible to define a tree structure of the company, showing relationships between different departments and job positions in the form of an organizational chart. The application is currently in the approval processes (Example: A request to purchase is approved by a superior job position of the person entering it etc.).


  • Management of documents, possibility to place optional text on the main page with documents.
  • Management of inventory, support for custom icons in the category, possibility to display a picture of the registered device in the table with an overview of the device.
  • Management of the knowledge database.
  • Placing custom icons to the items of the Portal.
  • Possibility to retroactively change the start time of the request solution, creation, solving
  • Created views are available simultaneously on the Active and Archived tabs
  • In the automation, under custom times can be entered and emails can be sent to any email address.
  • In the footer of Requestor, the “Send Feedback” dialogue is available for sending a request for customer support.
  • Updated API.
  • Performance optimization of Requestor.