Requestor On-Premises

Requestor On-Premises is the perfect solution for companies of all sizes who have their own server infrastructure and require a high level of security and integration. With Requestor running on your servers, you have full control over your data, and you can easily synchronize it with Active Directory.

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Easy to install and operate

Install Requestor On-Premises within few minutes using our simple installation guide. The helpdesk management and quick updates delivery guarantee you smooth and trouble-free operation.


High level of security

Requestor running on your servers gives you full control over your data and who has access to them. There are a lot of functions available in Requestor On-Premises that ensure a high level of data security.


Smooth integration with Active Directory

Requestor has direct integration with Windows Active Directory. It immediately loads users from different domains, groups and all attributes. You can easily manage it directly from the Requestor workspace.


Requestor On-Premises is the perfect solution for all companies who prefer operating on their own servers, with full control over the system.

  • Requestor on your own servers
  • Complete functionality available
  • Full control over your data and users
  • Online synchronization with Active Directory

What is the difference between On-Premises and Cloud?


Requestor Cloud doesn’t require having your own servers. It’s immediately available to use without any input or operating costs. You don’t need to bother with updates and backups. More information about Requestor Cloud.

Choose what suits you best

Requestor Cloud Requestor On-Premises
Licence based on number of users/operators Yes View pricing
Min. number of operators 1 View pricing
Hosting Included Own server
Security Included Own setup
HTTPS Included Own certification
Updates Automatic Available for download
Maintenance Included
Backups Daily, 7 days a week; When a new backup of the database is made, version older one week is deleted According to your own plan
Support Faster detection and solution of any problem Communication with our Support team
Active Directory Limited, only if an Active Directory server is publicly accessible Easy integration with servers in the same network
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