Requestor 4.8 introduces Facebook Messenger and Product module

The new Requestor 4.8 brings several news – integration of Facebook Messenger for smooth communication with your customers, new Product modul and much more. Take a look at all the updates we’ve added for you!

20 May 2020 • Requestor Technologies

Requestor 4.7 | Updates and Revisions of the Current Version

We are still working on updates and revisions in the current version of Requestor. There is a summary of all latest changes we’ve made in the system.

30 March 2020 • Requestor Technologies
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Last news

Requestor 3.2

The May update of the Requestor introduces further improvements of the e-mail communication and Requestor Mobile for iOS.

23 May 2016 • Requestor Technologies

Requestor 3.1

One month after the 3.0 version was released, we are introducing new improvements of the Requestor in the form of the 3.1. version.

27 April 2016 • Requestor Technologies

Requestor 3.0

You will find 15 new functions and 10 improvements of Requestor 3.0.

25 February 2016 • Requestor Technologies