New Requestor Is Released. It Facilitates Satisfaction Measurements

15 října 2016 • Requestor Technologies

Satisfaction measurement using questionnaires or simple symbols – that is the main innovation brought by the autumn update of Requestor. To keep the customers or employees happy is going to be even easier for you than ever before.

Users’ satisfaction with the services provided or the quality of the helpdesk is a key metric that you should definitely watch. It is a valuable source of feedback and it gives you the opportunity to improve the services so that your customers or employees are satisfied even more.

Simple Symbols for Satisfaction Measurements

The new version of Requestor extremely facilitates ratings – users rate your services using a range of simple graphic symbols: thumbs, smileys, etc. They express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction by a single mouse click. You may increase the probability that they will use this tool by sending a simple message with a request to complete the rating.

You will choose for yourselves, how the scale of “emoticons” will look – you have a choice of 6 options, ranging from the simplest satisfied / dissatisfied option, up to numerical rating scale (e.g. 1-10).

Thanks to these scales, you can easily differentiate strongly frustrated, slightly dissatisfied, slightly satisfied, or absolutely happy customers. Furthermore, you can choose a different scale for each service separately. So while for a simple helpdesk for technical types, you will most likely choose the like/dislike option; for more complex customer support, where you could be interested in more detailed information from your customers, try a broader scale. Alternatively, chose the scale according to the methodology you want to use to measure the results.


Available rating scales, which can be easily set in the administration.

Users express their satisfaction directly in the detail of their request – immediately after the request is closed. If they don’t make their statement and their opinion is really important for you, you may send them an email with a link to the request for their rating. This way you will considerably increase the percentage of users, who will provide the rating.

And how will you make the evaluation afterwards? By simple arithmetic average, the “Net Promoter Score” indicator (calculation involving the most satisfied and least satisfied users) or by using the “Customer Satisfaction Score”, which indicates the proportion of satisfied respondents to the whole.


Reporting in Requestor is illustrative and clearly arranged.

At least one of these ways will surely suit you. For advanced users, we also offer connection with Power BI and creation of complex dashboards for satisfaction monitoring.

A Brand New Module: Questionnaire

If you need to analyse the satisfaction or opinions of your customers deeper than only based on symbols and smileys, we have prepared a brand new module for you – a questionnaire.

In the user-intuitive environment, you will create the entire questionnaire within a few minutes and then you will send it via Requestor to the selected respondents. Alternatively, the system will automatically send it out to everyone whose request has been resolved.

In both cases, all is performed on-line and you have the results immediately available – the questionnaire will automatically calculate both absolute and relative values, so you will be able to browse through them fast and easily.


Record of questionnaire answers directly in the Requestor environment

So you can start working on the issues even on the same day, so that the results of the next questionnaire are better.