Thanks to Connection with Power BI, Requestor Helps the Czech Company Edenred

15 prosince 2016 • Requestor Technologies

Up to 500 requests must be resolved daily by the operators of Edenred – a multinational company, engaged in the administration of meal vouchers and other employee benefits. Thanks to the Requestor and the possibilities to easily connect it with the Microsoft Power BI tool, the Edenred’s managers now save a lot of time: they monitor and evaluate all necessary reports at a single place.

The Edenred and Requestor brands have been cooperating since 2014. Thanks to this year’s innovation – the possibility of simple connection of Requestor with Power BI – the Edenred company has even bigger benefits from Requestor. What is it about?

All Data at One Place

Power BI is a free on-line platform of Microsoft, which is used for central data monitoring. When the manager of the company needs to monitor the company turnover, marketing performance, productivity of employees, sales of merchandise, development of inquiries, and work of the customer service, the must look into several different systems.

However, Power BI may be connected with most of these systems – and the manager then sees all the results at a single place.

Requestor newly belongs among the solutions that can be easily connected with Power BI. The new extension makes it possible to easily communicate with Power BI. “The whole connection takes only a few minutes and then you work only in the Power BI interface. Within the system update, this solution is available to all our users, “says Lukáš Vysloužil from Requestor Technologies.

From the data flowing from Requestor to Power BI, you can create reports at your own discretion– e.g. Edenred requested 6 specific reports. Besides others, utilization of the customer service, SLA monitoring, or workload of the individual team members. Technical team of Requestor prepared these reports for them; Edenred works on further ones itself.

“Thanks to the connection of Requestor and Power BI, we have acquired powerful solution, which enables us to effectively manage traffic. The Requestor’s team is able to quickly develop reports exactly according to the management’s requests. We really appreciate it“ states the CIO of the Edenred company, Pavel Drexler.

Connection with Power BI as the main function

Connection of Requestor + Power BI has moved the possibilities of Requestor to a new, higher level.

The companies using Power BI may enhance their tool by very useful reports with results from helpdesk or servicedesk scenarios, which they operate in Requestor. And managers of the companies that use Requestor get completely new reporting possibilities virtually without limitations.

If the customer requests custom-made reports, he can create them directly in Power BI as he needs them. Either in cooperation with its own development department or with technical department of Requestor, which also offers its clients free consultations.

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