High Implementation Flexibility

Requestor brings its users high implementation flexibility for creating a help desk / service desk environment that’s tailored to internal corporate requirements. Whether operated in the cloud or on an on-site, it always offers the same level of functionality, stability and safety.


Easy adjustment

Requestor’s goal is to provide a system that’s fully compatible with your company’s business activities. The size of the company or the industry does not matter. Each customer always has full Requestor functionality with a high level of customisation available to them. You do not have to adjust to the application; Requestor will easily adjust to you and will help make your vision a reality


Fast Implementation

You can implement Requestor based exactly on your situation and needs. Whether you need a Cloud solution or you need to install Requestor within your company and have everything, for whatever reason, under your own control, you can do so problem-free.


Continuous Development

Requestor will continue to improve. Each month the development team delivers updates, which contain new innovative functions and improvements. Our team of experts is ready to discuss your requirements with you at any time and quickly transform them into new functionalities and options for Requestor.


Efficient Automation

Efficient work tools in Requestor allow you to automate and optimise the most challenging procedures and thus improve user satisfaction and productivity and lower operation costs.

Requestor Technologies is an innovator in the field of applications for cooperation and control which helps companies of all sizes with operation optimisation and improvement of customer and employee satisfaction.

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