Functions Overview


Creating and using an SLA can precisely define the quality and speed of services provided to customers or employees.

Flexible Settings

In Requestor, you can define any number of SLAs of various types and define conditions to meet the relevant objectives (e.g. if a customer enters an “A” request with “incident” type, and the priority is “high”, then the time frame for its resolution will be 60 minutes).

SLA Integration

An undefined SLA is always fully integrated in Requestor and available throughout the entire time of solving the request. All information necessary for fulfilling the SLA is available at all times. All important information is sent via email or mobile notifications.


To define the maximum time for solving an SLA, it is possible to create any number of calendars with a detailed description of weekdays and working hours. Within a calendar, you can specify working hours individually for each day of the week and define any work/off days.


Using escalation, you can set a hierarchy of notifications that are sent to users at/before/after the expiration of an SLA (Example: 6 hours before expiration, SLA alerts the solver and request manager).

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