Functions Overview


Provides a complex and universal environment for management of assets or any devices to which the user requests can be related.

Proprietary Categories

Define your own category type for devices you need to keep records of, or use the pre-defined categories for IT devices and software. Each category can contain any item based exactly on the type of device you need to keep records of. Thanks to the universality of the entire solution, it is possible to keep records of any device or item that is relevant for user requests.


Each item recorded in the inventory can be linked to another item. By using defined relationships, it is possible to immediately find out the impact and influence if users mark one of the items in their request as problematic. Relationships between items can be visually displayed allowing to evaluate their individual dependencies.

Audit of Items

Each item in the inventory is under careful supervision. You always have a comprehensive overview of performed changes, including the author of any change, time information and content change.


Connect the inventory to your software to monitor changes in your corporate network and automatically synchronize information on hardware and software in Requestor. The items can also simply be imported with the support of change detection or used to import in the Requestor API inventory.

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